The Directors

Over the past 29 years, Dennis Smith Basketball Camp has been known for its organization and structure, its emphasis on fundamentals, and its excitement and camp fun.

Participants in DSBC benefit from our experienced instructors and educators. The incredible coaching staff is a large part of why DSBC stands out as one of the best basketball camps in the Mid South. We are also very excited to announce that our directors will be back again this year.

Ross Spain has over 25 years of experience teaching, coaching and directing various types of sports camps. He has been a director at DSBC for 18 years. He currently serves as the Dean of Students and coach at Presbyterian Day School.

Mark Fruitt will be in his 24th year as a camp director. Mark has 32 years of teaching and coaching experience at both the elementary and high school level. He spent 8 years as the head varsity basketball coach at FACS. He is currently the principal at Presbyterian Day School.

Spencer McLean has been involved with DSBC for 18 years. He is a forrmer DSBC camper and played for Coach Smith on several nationally ranked AAU basketball teams. Spencer is currently in his ninth year at Presbterian Day School where he serves as Director of Physical Education and head basketball coach for the Crusaders.

Our coaches are not only educators, but also serve as role models and mentors for all of our student athletes. DSBC gives participants first-hand insight and training from the coaches who know what it takes to improve and develop on and off the court.


Camp Activities

  • Devotionals
  • Warm-Up and Stretches
  • Basketball Drills
  • Individual Instruction
  • Lead-Up Games
  • Demonstrations
  • Offensive & Defensive Strategies
  • Character Development
  • Motivational Tips
  • Shooting Work-Outs
  • Knockout
  • Full Court Games
  • Team Concepts

Special Activities

  • 5-on-5 Tournament
  • Hot Shot Contest
  • Basketball Obstacle Course
  • Free Throw Contest
  • 3-Point Shoot Out
  • T-Shirt Day
  • Awards & Trophies Day
  • Guest Speakers